Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fast Forward to NOW

If we could fast forward and see into our future, what would we see ? From time to time, we find ourselves daydreaming and wondering where we may be in the future, lets say five or ten years down the road. While imagining that what lies ahead for us may bring us some comfort and it may also motivate us in some way, it can also be a little intimidating as well. If we envision our future and what we want that to look like along with how we plan to get there, what exactly does that mean ? Does it mean that we are great planners, eternal optimists, or maybe we we just aren't so content to be in our present-tense ?

The future looks great....but what about today ? Everything we are programmed to do from the time we are very young is about planning for our "future". We are taught to prepare for school, college, a job, maybe marriage, save for a home, and possibly children....yes, it is all right there in the "this is how you plan for your future book" that we are each given ! Well, I do agree that you can probably find books on all of those topics and it is very important to plan for your future, however we may simply miss the biggest fundamental in my opinion, which is that while you are planning and figuring out your distinctive path into the unknown future, you should also focus on the "NOW".
Living for the future is what we are taught, learn, and work very hard for, but it takes an even greater determination to focus on today and find those things which make traveling into the great unknown future worthwhile. After all, it's all about the journey that we are on, the one which is happening right now !


Tanna said...

That is the conundrum: a vision for the future and a focus in the present. Learning how to "be" and still get things done.

If we never questioned or explored, we would never know. Here's to our continued curiosity!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

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