Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things I must do this year...

My to do list for 2009 :

  1. Learn to Scuba Dive
  2. Meet someone really incredible
  3. Make money on my Internet ventures
  4. Tell someone thank you for something they did for me years ago
  5. Apologize to someone that I hurt
  6. Travel to Europe (well maybe just plan for it)
  7. Organize my closet
  8. Slow Dance
  9. Read a few really good books
  10. Finish writing my book
  11. Focus on Photography
  12. Create a new website
  13. Give more to charity
  14. Forgive someone
  15. Let go of the past
  16. Share a sunset
  17. Tell a really good story
  18. Visit an old friend
  19. Move
  20. Save some money
  21. Stop worrying
  22. Treat someone really special
  23. Buy a new computer
  24. Create a business plan for a new LLC
  25. Give away things I don't need
  26. Take a really good bio pic
  27. Learn more
  28. Drink only really good coffee
  29. Spend less money on frivolous things
  30. Take my family on a vacation
  31. Learn to ski
  32. Go back to Lake Tahoe
  33. Make new friends
  34. Make someone else happy
  35. Laugh at myself
  36. Smile everyday
  37. Surround myself with good people
  38. Work a little harder than I did the day before
  39. Don't judge a book by it's cover
  40. Spend more time with my family


Tanna said...

Great list!!

Woman in a Window said...

Good gravy! Most people have problems making one resolution.

That photo is breath-taking!

(Thanks for your kindness at my place.)

LuLu & Co. said...

Great list, very motivational....

Anonymous said...

so last on your list is spend more time w/ your family? Wow...priorities?

Dawn Bradley said...

Hmmmm....Obviously you didn't read my post about Karma Theives..This list was in no particular order whatsoever...Learning to scuba dive would not be first on my list ! Family, which is always the the top priorty, is a given, which is why I need the list to begin with. Thanks for your comment because I had not expected anyone to look at the list in that way... : )